Puppy realized that his owner was driving to a park and couldn’t hide his emotions

If a charming creature lives in your house, then you know exactly how wonderful and fun it is. Moreover, any pet can cheer up in its own way. For example, with a dog, you can just go for a walk, into the fresh air and take a walk.

It’s enough to trick the cat with a candy wrapper or, if you wish, just lie down next to this fluffy miracle. Yes, even such a pastime can heal all mental wounds! And what can we say about babies like parrots, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs?

But today we would still like to draw attention to the dogs since these creatures have been living next to humans for a long time. They are easy to train and it is not in vain that they received the honorary title of “man’s best friend.”

And some dogs even become more than friends. They receive the status of a family member, without which life would be completely different and not so positive.

This is especially true for the owners of the dog named Scratty that definitely knows how to attract attention!

He loves to spend time in a special dog park, and therefore such an event is associated with the dog only with joy and happiness. One day the owner put the dog in the car and started driving.

But soon baby Scratty realized that the man was taking him to the dog park. And at that moment, the dog started a real hysteria, because he simply did not know where to direct all his emotions!

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