Rare photos show unlikely friendship between bear and wolf in the wild in Finland

Wildlife photographer Lassi Rautiainen managed to take amazing shots of the wildlife of northern Europe. The footage shows an unlikely friendship between two of the most ferocious predators in European forests.

The photographer himself said that he didn’t know how and why the friendship between them began but, as the man thinks, this is how they managed to survive in the wild.


The 56-year-old photographer has devoted his career to studying Finnish wildlife. Its goal is to bring people closer to nature. Through all her work, including illustrations, articles and books, Lassi wants to showcase the beauty of nature and make people feel they are truly safe in the wild.

He wants that people can to experience the beauty of the Big Five and share his respect for these animals.

Thanks to his dedication, attitudes towards Lassi Rautiainen’s wildlife photography sites.The growing interest in the nature and wildlife of the north have changed today. Tourism has also rosed and become popular.

In an interview with a popular publication, the photographer said that he had seen such a case for the first time and, in any case, it’s almost impossible to meet such a case in Europe.

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