Retriever decided to be euthanized after the appearance of a child in the family

This dog is literally a ray of light. But he couldn’t illuminate the hearts of people with his warmth, although the prerequisites were serious. Tosha of the Golden Retriever breed loved his owners and they passionately loved their pet but for the time being.

As often happens, the young couple decided to test their feelings for strength. Following the joint life they decided to get a pet. A living creature had to rally the couple, find even more points of contact, discipline, in the end a pet is a symbol of a full-fledged family.

So it was for 8 years, but the dog was abandoned. The Retriever was betrayed, despite such a long experience of a happy life soul to soul. Apparently, all these years the couple tried to have children or decided to take this step, prepared.

And when the miracle happened, the dog was forgotten in an instant. The worries about the child completely absorbed the spouses.And the desire, apparently, faded away.There were fears of how the dog would react to the baby.

We believe that these fears were caused absolutely in vain. After all Toshka is a wonderful ward. And despite the fact that he was recently ignored, kicked out to the balcony and tried in every possible way to turn his life into hell, he retained warmth and love for a person.

A guy with an affable, friendly, kind and positive character is still wary of children, because he associates them with trouble, a tragic mistake and the “merit” of the former owners. But we are sure that the pet will be an excellent nanny for kids, as soon as he understands that children won’t compete with him for the love of people.

We hope Tosha will fall into such hands!

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