Roman is only seven years old but he has already saved more than a thousand dog lives

This child is a real hero who, despite his years, has already managed to show that he has a really big heart.

He always loved animals and already at the age of four he knew that he loved dogs more than anything in life.So he decided that he would do everything to help them.

Roma could never remain indifferent to street animals.his heart was breaking with pity and he had a dream to help them all.

And having become a little older, he realized that it would be worth taking action. And on the next day of his birth he asked that they bring him money as a gift.

He didn’t spend the collected amount on goodies and toys but donated to the shelter of his native city.

And then with the support of his parents he became the founder of a foundation that is looking for owners for homeless animals or shelter guests.

Roman was greatly assisted by his mother, who supports her son’s initiative.At the moment they alone have adopted more than thirty dogs.

And we hope that the act of this wonderful boy will motivate everyone to do good deeds.

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