Ron Howard married his high school girlfriend in 1975 and they are still in love and go on dates today

In high school, some of us discover love.

This is the time when you slowly mature and start learning about relationships.

Some people may think of high school love as something that fades with time because you feel it when you’re still so young.

However, there are people who would definitely disagree that their high school love turned out to be their true love.

One of these couples is actor, director, and producer Ron Howard and his wife.

The 68-year-old celebrity was known for his multiple accomplishments in show business.

Ron Howard may be a man of many awards and victories, but one of his most amazing victories is meeting the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.

At the age of 16, Ron met the woman of his dreams, and she, like him, was an 11th grade student.

Cheryl Howard has been behind Ron, supporting him in all his endeavors for the past 47 years.

Their first meeting in high school was a moment they both will never forget.They immediately got to know each other better and after some time they went on a date in 1970.

In fact, the couple is still dating.

Having four kids won’t stop them from having fun together and maintaining their love in the moments they share with each other.

The celebrity never ceases to inspire others with her love story.

High school sweethearts can live a long time, and this couple is living proof of that.

Find out more about their long-term marriage in the video below!

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