Seeing this dog, even the veterinarian burst into tears

In November 2017 was found a dog in a deplorable condition near a garbage can in Lohitsa.

So deplorable that it was even difficult to determine the breed of the animal. Indifferent people responded and began to save the abandoned creature.

But it became more and more difficult for him to live, and the chances of saving were less and less. The dog was brought to the veterinary clinic on Gursky Street.It turned out to be a Cane Corso mix, and the condition was stated as very serious: a fracture of the ischium, multiple injuries accompanying this, bruises and general exhaustion of the body.

The treatment cost a lot of money.So a fundraising was organized among all those who weren’t indifferent.

Meanwhile, was underway an investigation to identify the former owner. During his life, the dog changed five owners, of which only four were found. But it wasn’t possible to identify the one who doomed the dog to suffering.

The dog couldn’t have been so emaciated wandering through the garbage cans, and couldn’t have been so badly mutilated by other abandoned animals.


Having suffered from people, Leo remained a very friendly and affectionate dog, according to his current owner.

To save the animal, she left her job because the serious condition required a lot of time and effort to recover.Leo had to be fed every two hours for three months.

The dog made friends with a house cat and doesn’t feel lonely.

Fortune really smiled at Leo, and now he feels safe, again believing in the love and care of the human.

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