She threw away her image of the living Barbie doll and here is her human face: see her now

Nowadays, people can change their appearance with the help of modern cosmetology and especially plastic surgery.

Even the male part of humanity sometimes benefits from plastic surgery.

Through these means, one can improve the appearance and possess a desired look.

It is obvious that a woman with a certain budget has the possibility of becoming more beautiful.

Some representatives of the female sex go too far and change their faces and bodies entirely.

There are women who like the doll-like appearance, but others find it funny and ugly.

This girl called Valeria is a young Ukrainian. She preferred to get the Barbie doll look.

Valeria dreamed of looking like the doll for a long time and she did it with the help of makeup.

But that wasn’t enough for her and the young woman turned to plastic surgery.

Thanks to surgery and also daily professional makeup, she became a true copy of the Barbie doll.

But after realizing her dream, Valeria felt that her new appearance did not bring her happiness.

And to the great astonishment of her loved ones and her followers, she left her doll appearance.

Valeria completely changed her way of thinking. She abandoned her puppet image and regained her human aspect forever.

Now she presents herself on the Internet as an ordinary girl.

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