Six dogs ran after the ambulance. Their owner needed medical help, and the dogs didn’t want to part with him

A man named Luis was taken to the Santa Casa Hospital in Cianorte, Brazil. He had a stroke.

And while he was homeless, he wasn’t as lonely as you might think. In the difficult moment, six true friends turned out to be next to him and refused to leave him in trouble.

Six dogs chased the ambulance as it took their owner away. They ran for more than one kilometer until the car stopped at the entrance to the hospital. Only then did the pets calm down, sitting next to the entrance to the department and preparing to wait.

Animal welfare volunteers were called to the scene. They fed the dogs and even took pictures of them as they waited for their owner to return! Faithful animals sat at the entrance all night.

Louis has been living on the street for over 20 years. The man treats pets very well, sharing with them the last piece of bread, for which they pay him devotion and loyalty. When he had a stroke, the dogs were waiting for him at the entrance to the hospital, whining anxiously.

As the morning came on, Louis felt much better. He was released into the care of his brother, but it was not immediately possible to meet with the dogs. The man had to exit through another door.

The joy of this meeting is simply beyond words. If the pets could talk, they would surely tell Louis how happy they were to see him again!

Once again, dogs surprised us with their devotion and ability to love!

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