Super Intelligence Test: Only if you can find the different pigs in less than 25 seconds are you the number one.

How do you fare with skill games and visual puzzles? These pastimes are increasingly popular on social media, and we can find all kinds of them. Depending on the difficulty level, we can even involve children in solving various quizzes.

For example, today’s challenge is suitable for everyone, adults and children alike. The goal of the game is to find the different pigs among all the others in the image. But to make the test more challenging, you must do it in less than 25 seconds. Can you do it?

Maintain high concentration and don’t get distracted. By carefully observing the image, you need to identify the different pigs present and, above all, figure out how many of them are different. At first glance, they all seem identical, but in reality, some of them have different details among them. How many and which ones?

Making a habit of engaging in these pastimes will bring you huge benefits in everyday life. Having the ability to quickly solve quizzes and problems of various kinds only serves to stimulate your brain’s abilities and your agility of thought. Being able to develop good skills in solving puzzles and challenges, in general, will greatly improve your problem-solving abilities.

To solve today’s game, we’ll give you a little hint: the different pigs you need to find are three. But where are they positioned? Sharpen your sight and pay attention to every little detail.

If you’ve completed the challenge in less than 25 seconds, it means you have a trained and skilled mind in solving this kind of challenge. Otherwise, keep practicing. In the meantime, we’ll show you where the different pigs are.

Solution: Here are the three different pigs

The three pigs are all circled in red and differ because one is missing a tail, another is missing an ear, and the last one is missing a leg.

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