Tears dripped from her in the rain..A pregnant cat lived near a ravine

This red cat was noticed by my friend. It was raining outside, but she did not leave the sidewalk, trying to beg food from the few passers-by. The bloated belly of the cat clearly indicated that she was about to give birth.

There were tears in the cat’s eyes. What my friend saw was very impressed, especially since when she returned home after a day’s work, the cat was still in the same place.

A friend fed the cat, she began to wait for her every day on the way to work and back. Unfortunately, she could not take the girl home, because she was already taking care of several pets, for whom we still could not find a home. Since there was no one else to pick up the cat, I went after her.

I asked the locals a little and found out that the cat used to live in a private house nearby. The owner of the house recently died, and her daughter kicked out the cat and sold the house. At first, the animal lived in a shed near the house, but the new owners drove in along with the dogs, who quickly drove it out of the yard.

The cat was on the street, everything else she was pregnant. Living on the street, the cat caught a cold, but pregnancy and antibiotics are incompatible. Also, the doctor found inflammation of the eyes, problems with the stomach.

After living at my house for only a couple of days, the cat began to give birth. Unfortunately, her babies lived only a couple of hours, according to the veterinarian, they were born much earlier than expected.

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