Test your visual abilities by spotting a green apple in the room within 11 seconds!

A green apple is hidden somewhere in this living room. Can you locate it quickly? If you’re up for an interesting and challenging visual test, you’re in the right place. Only the most attentive observer will be able to answer this question quickly. What is the subject in question? The image below conceals a green apple: Can you spot it in 11 seconds?

Carefully observe the illustration. A quick glance won’t get you anywhere and will reveal that you’re not a careful observer.

Do you want to evaluate your observational skills?

Find out!

Complete image of the visual challenge: Find the green apple in the room in 11 seconds!

This image shows a dining room in a house where various objects are scattered. A green apple has cleverly hidden somewhere, and the challenge for readers is to spot it in just 11 seconds. The countdown starts now!

This challenge is an excellent observation test.

Examine the image carefully.

Did you manage to locate the green apple? Individuals with the best visual skills will be the first to find the hidden green apple. Take one last look at the image before the allotted time runs out. Hurry!

You can stop your search now.

How many of you managed to spot the green apple within the given time?

We believe that some of our observant readers succeeded in finding it.

But for those who didn’t spot the apple, you can check the solution below.

he green apple can be spotted between the two vases near the painting on the sideboard at the back of the room.

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