The abandoned dog nestled in the corner of the shelter’s cage and could not understand why the owners treated him like that

A pit bull named Ritter was a big and beautiful dog who had his own home and caring owners for a long time. But then the owners themselves began to have financial problems, they lost their homes and could not take care of their pets. They were forced to make a very difficult decision to send their pets to a shelter.

As soon as Ritter was in the shelter, he showed displeasure in every possible way. The animal became nervous, restless and fussy and could not understand why he was left alone. He refused to leave the enclosure and practically did not move, but he sat at the floor. Despite the efforts of the shelter staff, they could not influence Ritter’s mood in any way.

They realized that only new owners and a house could help the pit bull, since he was not used to being alone.

In order to quickly attach the dog, they made a post with him and published it on social networks. He really liked the girl Sophie, who immediately came for him. Moreover, Sophie was not afraid of the large size of the dog, as she recently acquired a large house with a spacious yard, where the animal could safely play.

She even took the boss’s day off so that she could take Ritter for herself. She was also worried that he would not accept her, as he was used to the previous owners, but her concern was in vain, since the dog immediately fell in love with her. He quickly got used to his new home and loves his mistress very much.

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