The boy risked his life to save a fawn during a flood.

Recently, an unprecedented event occurred in the Republic of Bangladesh. Due to prolonged heavy rains, the city of Noakhali found itself under severe flooding, and people along with animals were trapped by the force of the water element.

In this critical situation, a local boy named Belal noticed that on the opposite bank of the raging river, a little fawn had become lost. Its mother had been separated from it by the swift currents of the incoming water.

In the eyes of the people around, an indifferent scene was unfolding; no one rushed to help the helpless animal. However, Belal couldn’t just stand and watch. He instantly made a decision and plunged into the water to rescue the little one.

Bravely, Belal battled the raging waters and quickly reached the fawn. Strong currents resisted his efforts, but he didn’t give up. He held the fawn above his head on an outstretched arm to prevent it from drowning.

On the way back, Belal paddled with just one hand, as the other was always busy supporting the animal. With tremendous willpower, he continued to swim even when his body was submerged, but his sole purpose was clear—to save the fawn.

Despite the dangers that awaited him along the way, Belal managed to cross the river and successfully save the frightened baby animal. This heroic act was captured in photographs that spread across the world. Belal became a local hero, and admiration and gratitude for his courage knew no bounds.

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