The child chose a big red cat in a shelter: the cat thanked the boy..

Australian Sally and her son Bo decided to get a cat. Together they went to a local shelter and there the boy chose Sandy the cat. The animal was large, with a bright red color, and it immediately attracted the attention of Bo. Mom did not argue with her son and on the same day Sandy went to his new home. Almost immediately, the cat and the boy became best friends.

According to Sally, her son and his cat have a very warm relationship with each other. The skittish cat next to the boy becomes calm and affectionate, he falls asleep every evening at the same time as Bo and wakes up, as soon as the child opens his eyes. Also, the boy and his pet were very fond of playing together, running around the house. Almost a year Sandy lived in a new house and all this time both he and his little owner were happy.

A year later, disaster struck that nearly took Bo away from his family. Sally put her son to bed in the evening, she kissed both him and the cat. The woman was sound asleep when she felt that something heavy was lying on her. Through her sleep, she felt like someone was scratching and biting her, pulling her hair with her teeth. Sally woke up and the first thing she saw was Sandy, who was sitting on her and was acting very restless. The woman realized that she had never behaved in this way, so the situation was clearly atypical. The cat also tried to show the owner that she should follow him.

Sandy called the woman to Bo’s room, where she saw that her son was shaking all over and did not regain consciousness. Sally called an ambulance and soon the doctors took the boy away. According to doctors, they managed to save the child only because he got to the hospital on time. As the analyzes showed, Bo had been ill for some time, but the disease did not manifest itself until that fateful night, and the first symptom was an attack dangerous to health. Now Bo receives timely treatment, his health is monitored by specialists and he will be fine. All this became possible thanks to the fact that Sandy woke up the boy’s mother in time.

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