The dog adopted chicks and kittens on the farm, and then started raising them as if they were puppies.

The caring Saint Bernard named Mabel unexpectedly welcomed little chicks and kittens on her farm. The dog showed care and took care of these little ones, and eventually even started raising them as if they were her own puppies.

The woman explained that initially, 2 wild kittens appeared on the farm. Mabel immediately took them under her protection, and the kittens were more than happy to receive such care and protection.

Over time, the dog also began to guard the chicks and even the piglets on the farm. Mabel makes an effort to watch over all the little ones. It’s likely that the dog has an innate instinct that guides her to not only protect but also nurture these «pets.»

The image of Mabel with the tiny kittens and chicks looks quite adorable. Just imagine a big Saint Bernard walking calmly, with little kittens and chicks following along beside her — Emma tells journalists.

The woman intentionally created a video blog for Mabel, documenting all her adventures and care for the little ones.

Interestingly, the kittens and birds unquestioningly obey the Saint Bernard. Surely, this will influence their behavior in adulthood.

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