«The dog found a puppy in the forest and brought it home: soon it turned out that it was actually a wild animal.»

The dog named Laima, a West Siberian Laika, once ran away into the forest and returned home with a small puppy in her mouth. However, after a few days, it became clear that a real bear was growing up in the apartment.

Laima’s owners didn’t pay much attention when she ran away again into the forest. But her return with the bear cub surprised them greatly. The dog carried the cub very carefully, as if she wanted to nurture it as her own puppy. However, she immediately gave it to her owner, who took it inside and informed the journalists about the incident.

The found puppy, brought by Laima, was tiny. Its appearance confused some people: the head was disproportionately larger than the body, and the paws were extremely small. Because of this, they decided to show this strange creature to a veterinarian.

The specialist quickly determined that it was a bear cub. Laima had brought it from the forest, possibly scaring away its mother bear. The decision was made to hand over the bear cub to a wildlife rescue center, where it will be raised and eventually released back into the wild.

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