The dog found kittens on the street and decided to nurse them as if they were her own puppies.

On the street, a passerby witnessed an unusual and heartwarming scene: a nursing dog was resting in a sunny spot, but next to her were not puppies, as one might expect, but kittens. It appears that the dog found these kittens on the street and accepted them as if they were her own puppies.

Likely, the dog’s decision was influenced by her maternal instincts and the fact that she already had her own puppies. In the early stages of development, the behavioral patterns of kittens and puppies are quite similar: they are entirely dependent on their parents.

The milk of these two types of animals is also compatible, so the kittens will likely receive all the necessary nutrients for their further development.

Unfortunately, what happened to this dog and the kittens afterward remains unknown. Perhaps a caring passerby took them in and captured this touching video. It reminds us that in the world, there are numerous wonderful and unexpected moments when animals show care and compassion for each other, even if they belong to different species.

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