The dog often appeared at the threshold of the car dealership

Employees of the dealership of the famous Hyundai automaker began to notice a dog nearby, which constantly came close and sat down almost at the entrance.

The employees took pity on the animal and took it to their salon. They gave him food and drink and left him to spend the night.

At the same time, they were looking for a new home and caring owners for an affectionate and sociable dog. But he turned out to be so peaceful and charming that the management decided to keep him forever as a kind of mascot.

He was given the nickname Tucson Prime and he was so gentle and polite with visitors that he was very soon promoted to sales manager.

Customers of the Hyundai saloon are also very happy that they are met by the tailed one and assure that he helped them to the greatest extent to buy a car in this salon.

The dog made this salon famous all over the world and he increased the level of sales so noticeably that he was promoted quite deservedly.

He also has a privileged position in the salon and was allowed to sit in new cars and he enjoys posing in them, which made him, moreover, the advertising face of this brand.

When the dog was accepted into the staff, she was given a separate office and the employees walked him according to the schedule.

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