The dog stuck his muzzle through the bars and looked imploringly at passers-by

The shelter staff arrived at work in the morning and found that a dog was tied to the gate. No one could say how many hours she remained in this state.

However, despite the terrible living conditions, she remained very friendly and, as soon as she noticed the volunteers, wagged her tail merrily.

It was clear that the cute was waiting for her to be found. The abandoned dog stuck his muzzle through the bars and looked at the people with eyes full of prayer.

The animal was so emaciated to such an extent that it was left with skin and bones.There were scars on the muzzle from chronic wounds and she also seriously suffered from skin diseases.The shelter staff needed to ensure that the animal was treated under the supervision of professionals and this process was lengthy, lasting about a year.

The dog was given the nickname Misty and at first she was very frightened and so confused, not understanding where she got and what was happening to her. Soon, a chip was detected in her and it turned out that for several years Misty lived with her unfortunate owners.

Now her health has improved and she is recovering steadily. And later, future owners will be found for her, who will never again offend this glorious dog.

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