The dog was playing and accidentally found something incredible on the ground

It isn’t in vain to say that a person does not know what awaits him in this life. Such an unexpected fate was destined for the hero of our story .

The Polish man took the Caitus dog for a walk near the city. His pet was playing in the open air, but suddenly turned away and began to dig excitedly. The man approached, looked into the hole and realized that the dog had accidentally found a treasure trove of old gold on the ground.

Strange large coins were hidden in an old and broken clay pot. The very next day, archaeologists from the University of Wroclaw became interested in the find. The value of the find was confirmed: the dog managed to dig and find the greatest treasure of the last 100 years.

There were brackets in the jar, special flat medallions. They were used during the Great Migration, jewelry was first worn as amulets, and then began to be used as a coin.

In the first half of the 12th century, the inhabitants of Germany carved one-sided tattoos with brackets, which usually depicted fantastic animals. The brackets were confiscated and melted every year. Finding an entire jar was a real success for archaeologists.

The found brackets were transferred to the Polish General Directorate. They can now be seen only in the museum.

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