The dog was sad for his puppies, sat in the corner and did not eat: the owners made an important decision

The little dog named Kora was suddenly given up to a shelter by her owners, without explaining the reasons for their decision. However, Kora didn’t adapt well to her new environment at the shelter. She spent all her time in a corner, feeling sadness and longing, and it turned out that she missed her own puppies. Their absence caused her to refuse food and show no interest in socializing.

Kora showed no desire to interact with humans. One of the shelter employees decided to find out who had received Kora’s puppies. Initially, he had to approach the owner, who admitted that he had indeed given the puppies to different people and neglected to give Kora the attention she needed. It was not the wisest decision on the owner’s part.

The owner agreed to provide the contact information of the new owners of the puppies. It took several days of making calls and persuading these individuals to return the puppies to Kora. After lengthy negotiations and arguments from the shelter staff, everyone finally agreed.

The little puppies were brought to the shelter, where Kora had been sitting in the corner of her enclosure all this time. But as soon as she caught the scent of her puppies, she instantly changed her behavior.

This story had a happy ending thanks to the dedication of the shelter workers who were not indifferent to the dog’s fate. Their loyalty and efforts played a decisive role in reuniting Kora with her family, giving her new hope and joy.

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