The emaciated dog understood that a random man was her last hope for a better life.

A traffic police officer stumbled upon an emaciated dog right on the side of the road. He realized that she needed to be helped quickly, since the animal was so weak that it could barely even stand on its paws.

The look of the dog showed sadness and hopelessness. The man quickly called the animal rights activists and they just as quickly arrived at the address. The unfortunate woman couldn’t resist, she was so exhausted, so it wasn’t difficult to transfer her to the car and take her to a local shelter.

It was there that she was given the nickname Daphne and, after feeding, was taken to the veterinary clinic. No one knew how the dog ended up on the street and why it was so exhausted.

Volunteers think that Daphne was taken in as a hunting dog, however, she was too kind for this and was simply abandoned on the street.

She was severely underweight.Therefore, she was temporarily not treated, as the drugs could be dangerous with such a lack of weight.

He was taken in by one of the volunteers, who discovered that she was not only physically exhausted, but also in a depressed emotional state.

But very soon Daphne began to trust the volunteer, noticeably perked up and stopped refusing to eat. And when she gained weight, she was prescribed treatment for parasites.

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