The farmer thought he had adopted kittens, but when they grew up, an unexpected surprise awaited him.

Once, while walking around his farm, a farmer discovered four tiny and helpless kittens in his barn. They were still very small and blind, and without help, they were facing certain death.

The farmer decided to take them in and care for them until they could move on their own.

Although these kittens appeared to be regular domestic cats, they had certain coloration features that raised doubts in the farmer’s mind. He sought help from the staff at the nearby Daurian Nature Reserve.

They determined that these were actually Pallas’s cats, also known as manuls, a species of wild forest cat.

Though slightly larger than ordinary cats, they have a robust build and distinctive characteristics.

The reserve staff took the kittens in and found two surrogate mothers for them, who accepted them as their own.

In the spring, the kittens were successfully released back into the wild and adapted well to life in the wilderness.

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