The guy fed a kitten with fish, but the next morning, he saw a whole flock of them on his porch.

Tim lives in Alaska, so it wasn’t particularly surprising for him to see a lynx kitten on his porch in the evening. The guy gave the little one some food and calmly went to sleep. However, the next morning, Tim heard a strange noise behind the door.

Upon opening it, he discovered that the entire lynx family had gathered on his porch.

Tim’s house is located near a national park, so he often encounters wild animals. Typically, they prefer to stay in the forest, but an inexperienced young Canadian lynx kitten came to him.

The tiny kitten showed no fear of humans and happily accepted the offered food. Then, it disappeared, and Tim thought the story was over.

In the end, the entire lynx family got their share of food and disappeared back into the woods.

The story of the lynx visiting Tim’s porch delighted his neighbors. When he shared the incident, many of them suggested leaving some more food on the porch to attract the lynxes again. However, Tim decided not to take any risks and not to attract dangerous wild predators.

Although lynxes do not pose a threat to humans, they are still predators willing to defend their territory. Tim is glad for the experience he had, but at the same time, he hopes that the Canadian lynxes will keep a safe distance from his house.

He values the opportunity to observe wild animals from a distance, giving them freedom while ensuring safety for himself and his surroundings.

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