The guy took the puppy home. The puppy had never been petted before, and he cowered in the corner of the apartment out of fear.

At an abandoned dacha, a passerby noticed a whole group of puppies. Among them, there was one that didn’t play with the others and sat apart.

The young man was particularly drawn to this small and skinny dog, and he decided to take it home. However, the puppy had never experienced affection before, so when it found itself in the apartment, it fearfully cowered in the corner.

Out in the wild, this puppy obviously didn’t receive enough food. Its siblings were much bigger. There were no larger dogs nearby, and in the wild, especially during winter, the little one would have had a very tough time.

Therefore, the passerby made the decision to take the puppy home. In the apartment, the puppy immediately hid in the corner, avoiding eye contact. It took a whole day to earn the trust of the frightened little dog.

Finally, the puppy approached the food bowl and went to its new owner — it was evident that it was content with its new destiny.

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