The incredible story of a dog named Leon

For a long time there were no stories about the terrible fate of innocent pets. And here is one, unfortunately, arrived in time. We share it with you but not in order to cause you negative emotions, upset or instill a sense of guilt in front of such dogs. But because we ourselves are terribly worried together with the curators for Leon’s recovery.

And also because we want to remind you that if you suddenly decide to get a pet, take a closer look at those who are now in the shelter. There are mostly good guys who were slightly and sometimes greatly offended by the villain-fate but they didn’t get embittered by this, didn’t give up, didn’t lose heart and continues to love life even more. At least for this reason it is worth giving a chance to such people and paying attention to them once again.

Leon was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The paw is crushed, the eye is dead and the whole body is covered in wounds and bites, and an impressive part of its body, skin and hair are simply torn off to soft tissues.

This is the clear result of a tough and inexplicable act by someone soulless and much stronger than the harmless Leon. The brothers feared for the treatment of the poor fellow. The wounds were serious, and the pet was very weak. Now let’s get to the fun.Leon is fine.

This guy turned out to be a tough nut although you can’t tell by the looks of it. Leon is a super kind and affectionate pet. It was very difficult for him. At first he fell under the yoke of the knackers. He himself tried to endure the pain and heal. Then Leon steadfastly endured all the hardships of a long and exhausting treatment and rehabilitation.

And at the same time, he never showed his discontent, aggression, character or whims.µHe courageously endured the manipulations of doctors, and after that he was also grateful to each of them. He rejoiced at the meeting with the doctors and cheerfully waved his fluffy tail. Leon knew that everyone was doing his best.

Fortunately, it happened, but so far by 50 percent. Leo has already gone through the most complex operations, and his wounds are slowly starting to heal. There are still several months of dressings ahead, so that the extensive wound is completely healed.The body of the pet is again covered with fluffy, clean, soft fur. But at the same time, Leon doesn’t relax. He re-learns without fear and embarrassment to lead a normal life as a pet, because Leon knows that he will soon go to the family.

There will definitely be plenty of people who want to support Leon and love him. Leon is looking for a home.

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