The kayaker noticed a disturbance on the water’s surface and looked under the boat: beneath him was a 6-meter-long shark.

During his kayaking trips near the coast of Northern California, Ilan Tossi noticed an unusual disturbance on the water’s surface.

Suspecting it might be a sign of an impending storm, he decided to look under his boat with a camera in hand. However, what he captured on video turned out to be much more exhilarating — a massive 6-meter-long great white shark was swimming directly beneath him.

Ilan Tossi frequently travels on his kayak along the coast, where the waters are usually calm and devoid of significant waves. However, on that day, the sea was dark and almost menacing.

He started paying special attention to the disturbances on the water’s surface to anticipate the approach of a storm. But soon, he realized that it wasn’t just an expression of ocean excitement; something was getting closer to him.

Swiftly lowering his camera into the water, Ilan immediately saw the gigantic shark in close proximity. It began to circle around his kayak, and this continued for about 2 minutes.

Tossi admitted that those two minutes were the most prolonged in his life.

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