The kitten is shaking in the middle of the road in a frost of almost minus 20, only a miracle could save him

The girl ‘s husband who volunteered was driving home when he suddenly came across a kitten. The baby was sitting right on the road, unable to move and there was no reaction even to the loud signals of cars.

The baby was very cold, because it was almost minus twenty outside. The young man couldn’t remain indifferent and slowed down. He got out of the car and took it.

She turned out to be a real lucky , because she didn’t fall under the wheels and generally remains a mystery how the cat ended up in the middle of the road.

Already in the house, a very sweet and affectionate girl immediately fell asleep. She was very weak and emaciated, she couldn’t even hold on to her legs. The couple began to teach her to go to the tray. At first It was difficult , but over time I got used to it.

She was very smart and sociable. She loves to spend time with her mistress and follows her around, but she loves to sleep only in her specially made bed.

After treatment, new owners were found for her, she became a very well-mannered and completely healthy girl.

She received the nickname Cherry and this baby has already met the new year in a warm house with many gifts.

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