The kitten saved the dog’s life and now they are best friends

The name of this charming kitten is Chikki and the puppy’s name is Lil Nugget.They were transferred to the shelter on the same day.

Chikki was healthy, quick and energetic, but Nugget had many health problems.

The dog was picked up on the street by a passer-by and took pity on the crumb, begging to help him. The veterinarian determined the low sugar level due to malnutrition and high temperature.

For some reason, intensive therapy didn’t help and everyone was at a loss, not knowing what to do. And so, one of the vets suggested putting the cheerful Chikki to Lil and it had an incredible effect.

They instantly became friends and the dog began to recover immediately. After 15 days, he was completely healthy, besides, he acquired a new, best friend, thanks to which he became very brave and stopped being afraid of everything.

The veterinarian explained that Nugget was taken away from his mother, brothers and sisters too early, and he suffered emotionally about this.It didn’t allow him to be physically healthy.

But Chikki became his girlfriend and so he found the joy of life and began to recover very quickly.

But that isn’t all. Very soon, they both managed to attach to one family and now the friends live together and are completely happy.

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