The lone widowed wolf came out with five cubs after the she-wolf ran away

There are many stories about maternal instinct in the animal kingdom. Not only human mothers, but also animals are ready for manifestations of the highest degree of self-sacrifice and incredible love towards their offspring.

But the fathers of the babies, with rare exceptions, do not take part in the education, limiting themselves to conception. But there are exceptions to every rule and this story is about that.

In general, wolves are monogamous and they usually have one female for life, but then something went wrong, the she-wolf preferred freedom to the family and ran away at the first opportunity.

In the wildlife park, which is located in the British county of Oxfordshire, there was a scandalous story. Due to the failure of the electric fence, the she-wolf Ember managed to escape.

And now the husband of the negligent she-wolf Amber, the wolf Ash, takes care of the cubs. At the same time, Ash was brought to the county from Sweden to have wolf cubs born in the park, since the last time wolf cubs were born here was 47 years ago.

At the moment, the police are investigating the circumstances for which the fence turned out to be faulty and why the she-wolf managed to escape..And the cubs, despite the care of their father, are forced to switch to an artificial mixture and are under close supervision of specialists, as they are very valuable representatives of the animal world.

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