The “lump” trembled in the grass and sometimes was crying plaintively

Last November, this cat was an ordinary street kitten. Unlike healthy and nimble relatives, he couldn’t move quickly, because he had a broken leg. It isn’t known what exactly happened to the baby, but it became more and more difficult for him to survive every day.

So the poor thing sat in the grass, lowering his muzzle to the ground. Sometimes he began to squeak plaintively, trying to attract the attention of passers-by, but everyone was in a hurry somewhere, and no one cared about the homeless cat.

Fortunately, the girls from the beauty salon, located next to where the kitten was sitting, saw a small “lump” in the grass. They adopted the baby not wanting to leave him on the street.

The girls provided the pet with food, water and a roof. The foundling was sick and very weak, which made him shiver all the time and slept a lot.To find his owners, it had to place an ad on social networks. At first, the girls from the salon hoped that they would be able to find the previous owners of the crumbs, but it was all in vain.

And once a girl named Kara responded to the ad. She wanted to adopt a kitten and treat him.

A year has passed since then. The cat got better, grew up and turned into a well-groomed, well-fed cat who loves to lie on the master’s sofa.

Kara says that the character of the fluffy is very difficult, but she loves him very much, no matter what.

Thanks to the kind girls who didn’t leave the kitten with a broken paw.

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