«The man taught a parrot one word; he couldn’t imagine that this bird would save his life.»

«In Robert’s life, there were many hobbies, but parrots held a special place. It’s always amazing how these little birds can memorize words and phrases, especially when you spend time with them. One day, Robert decided to teach his parrot, Petey, one word—his own name, ‘Robert.’ He repeated it again and again, and Petey started echoing the name, making funny sounds.

Few could have guessed that this wasn’t just a game but something that would become the key to salvation. One night, while Robert was asleep, his slumber was interrupted by persistent squawking. ‘Robert! Robert!’ It was Petey, and his voice sounded oddly anxious.

Opening his eyes, Robert saw the room filling with smoke. His heart raced as he realized there was a fire. He instantly grabbed his important documents and Petey in the cage and rushed toward the exit. Everything around was enveloped in smoke, but thanks to Petey, he managed to reach fresh air.

The firefighters arrived a few minutes later, but they could only prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring houses. Robert’s home was completely destroyed, but he saved his life and the life of his parrot.

At that moment, as Robert stood and looked at what remained of his home, he understood the invaluable role Petey had played. One small word, taught for amusement, turned out to be worth its weight in gold when it came to life and death.

‘Thank you, Petey,’ he whispered, stroking the parrot through the cage bars. Petey looked at him and uttered the word again, but now with a new meaning: ‘Robert.’

From that day on, every time Robert heard his name from Petey’s beak, he couldn’t help but smile, realizing that sometimes salvation comes from unexpected places.»

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