«The one who finds the cat in less than five seconds is a genius.»

The one who finds the cat in less than five seconds is a genius.

Optical illusions and puzzles are the most popular form of entertainment on social networks.

Do you see the cat in the photo? A viral challenge that tests your visual acuity.

We love visual challenges, and even more so when it comes to animals. Today, we present an image (above) that has caused a lot of buzz on social networks.

Some consider it completely impossible to find the cat hidden among the owls in the photo.

At first, all you see is a number of owls with their shiny, globular yellow eyes.

Some have their beaks wide open, while others have closed beaks.

Although cats are not like owls, finding the animal is much more challenging than you think.

Of course, the owls have scattered, as if they had seen something very bad. A cat is hidden among them.

It has the same facial expression, the same eyes, and the same fur color as the owl feathers.

That’s why it’s very challenging to spot it in the illustration.

Many swear they managed to spot it in five seconds, and we’re afraid they might be exaggerating a bit.

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