The owner filmed his dog playing in the leaves: these emotions are worthy of your attention

Animals are always able to find entertainment in the most unexpected places. Think only of how cats can find something to do. If a fly has flown past the animal, then be sure that it will concentrate its attention on it.

And what can we say about crumpled paper, feathers and other such trifles! As soon as cats find them, they immediately remember their predatory nature and try their best to show who is the owner in this situation.

With dogs, things are even easier. These four-footed human defenders are always ready to play even with their own tail while getting an incredible pose of happiness and positive emotions. And yes, people are so pleased to watch such moments!

Also, very often, dogs simply love to play in piles of dried leaves, thereby nullifying the efforts of their owners. And this is exactly what the hero of the video decided to do, which is becoming more and more popular every day.

A husky dog ​​named Nora saw her owner raking all the extra leaves into a pile. And how could you resist and not jump there with all your might? Of course, Nora did this, thereby cheering up not only her owner, but also many Internet users!

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