The owners introduced a kitten to the golden retriever and started observing its reaction.

Interesting question: is friendship between a big dog and a cat possible? Usually, many people believe it’s impossible. However, the owners of the golden retriever decided to test this hypothesis and conducted a bold experiment.

They introduced a kitten to their pet and recorded its reaction on video.

When the kitten entered the room, it almost immediately climbed onto the dog’s bed, possibly attracted by the scent. That’s when the retriever found it. It seemed the dog didn’t immediately understand what was happening.

A funny kind of concern appeared on the retriever’s face. After all, the kitten invaded his personal space. But it’s worth admitting that the dog tactfully tried to show who’s in charge.

However, the kitten was unaffected. It continued to explore the new place carefreely and ignored the dog. It appears that the golden retriever will likely welcome the kitten into its pack.

This experiment demonstrated that friendship between a dog and a cat is entirely possible, even if they are completely different types of animals.

Stereotypes about how animals should interact are not always accurate, and sometimes they can surprise us with their unpredictability and tolerance.

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