The owners left the dog, and he fell into depression, refusing to eat. A mouse came to the rescue.

Osiris is a Dutch Shepherd, while Riff is a common rat. The owner of this unusual pair of animals became a rescuer for the rat when it was only 4 weeks old. Osiris himself was rescued from an abandoned parking lot where his previous owners heartlessly left him.

Initially, the family planned to foster Osiris and help him find a new home, but they immediately fell in love with the dog and decided to keep him.

However, Osiris suffered from depression for a long time due to the separation from his previous owners. Only Riff could bring joy and happiness back into Osiris’ life!

Now this duo are true companions! They can’t stand a minute of being apart, so if anyone tries to intrude into their territory, the other will stand guard.

A special bond has formed between these two animals. Osiris often allows Riff to climb into his mouth to clean his teeth and even his nose!

«Riff loves to lick inside Osiris’ mouth. Many might wonder if we are worried that Osiris will eat him? No! Osiris has been involved in raising and caring for many other animals, and he is the gentlest dog we have ever encountered,» the owners write about their beloved pets.

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