The penguin swims 8,000 km every year to thank his savior for his life

This is a story about a rescued little penguin. An elderly man found him on a rock. The baby was all covered in oil and was dying, but the man did not leave him alone but took the penguin with him.

He cleaned his feathers with special care, fed him little by little until the penguin got stronger. From that moment, their unusual friendship began. The man named the penguin Jing Jing.

The baby was so accustomed to his savior, or to be more precise, to his “parent”, that he did not want to leave him and they lived together for almost a year.

Only when the fluff was replaced by a serious plumage, Jing Jing fluttered out of the “nest”. An adult, independent and independent life awaited him.

A few months after leaving, the penguin returned and now spends almost six months with his savior. The rest of the time he travels and, it seems, he definitely likes this life.

Each time, to return to his best friend and thank him for the saved life, Jing Jing swims 8000 kilometers. This is a very good example of how a person could become a part of nature only thanks to his love.

They appeared at each other at the right time and remained faithful to this friendship.

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