The puppies survived on the roadside in the leaves near the highway. Two of them were found, but the third one was already in the middle of the road.

On that fateful day, Sasha was returning to his village along the highway when his gaze fell upon a small creature hiding near the roadside and rustling in the colorful autumn leaves. He couldn’t pass by and stopped to examine the little one. «Kolya, stop! Look who’s there!» Sasha exclaimed, pointing at it. «Is it a hedgehog?» he added, slightly surprised.

Sasha got out of the car and approached the fluffy creature, which was squeaking softly and trying to hide under the leaves to keep warm. However, it turned out not to be a hedgehog but a tiny puppy, no more than two weeks old. The little one, who could fit in a pocket, could barely stand on its shaky legs, swaying in the wind. Sasha picked up the fragile puppy and was about to get back in the car when he heard the sound of rustling leaves behind him. He turned around and noticed another puppy, resembling a little hedgehog, silently following him.

Now Sasha had two puppies in his arms, and he walked around the area where he found them to make sure there were no others. It seemed they were the last ones. Sasha sighed with relief and headed home. Throughout the journey, he observed his unexpected finds and criticized those who abandoned the puppies to their fate. The puppies whimpered softly, huddling together, unable to keep warm. How long they must have been freezing on the roadside, only God knows. But they were definitely lucky to encounter a volunteer, including Sasha.

Later that day, Sasha called me and asked for advice on what to do. He followed my advice and immediately purchased everything needed for the puppies: bottles and baby formula. But the story didn’t end there.

That night, Sasha couldn’t sleep. Every time he tried to close his eyes, images of that pile of leaves where the puppies were found appeared before him. He started to wonder: what if he missed someone or didn’t notice another puppy who was left all alone, with no chance of survival? This thought troubled Sasha, and he decided to return to the spot to make sure everything was alright. However, what he saw on his way there horrified him.

Right on the central reservation, a small fluffy bundle was sitting, gazing towards the road. The poor little puppy seemed to have been waiting for this encounter and for someone to save it. «My intuition didn’t fail me,» Sasha thought and hurried to pick up the little one from the road. This time, the whole puppy family was complete!

When I saw them in person, I was simply astonished. These puppies were so tiny that they could fit in the palm of your hand or even a small backpack. Their touching uniqueness and small size made them look like not real, but toy-like creatures.

The puppies’ blue eyes looked so insightful that I couldn’t believe how someone could abandon them on the roadside, depriving them of a chance for a happy future. Just look at these tiny beings with their wise looks. Did they really deserve such a fate?

Now the puppies live in a house that I specifically rented for them. Although they haven’t even reached a month, they already amaze us with their extraordinary intelligence and independence. They had to grow up too quickly to survive in this cruel and indifferent world. But despite all the hardships, these little wonders turned out to be the kindest and most affectionate creatures, fully trusting humans.

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