«The puppy was freezing in the cold wind, but the goose came and covered it with its wings.»

The little puppy was on the verge of freezing in the cold wind. Trembling and seeking shelter at the roadside, he suddenly found himself approached by a big goose.

Before the puppy could react, the goose calmly settled down next to him, covering him with its wings, protecting him from the inclement weather.

It is believed that the video of this heartwarming friendship was captured in Montana, where temperatures recently dropped sharply. It appears that the puppy might have gotten lost and was far away from his home, and he seems to be a purebred dog. The goose, most likely a migratory one, as these birds usually don’t pay much attention to other animals.

However, in this particular instance, things turned out differently. The goose persistently approached the puppy and gently covered him with its wings.

Unfortunately, the fate of both the goose and the puppy remains unknown. Perhaps someone took the puppy home and provided him with comfort and care.

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