The street dog was completely alone in the shelter, was depressed and even refused to eat

For many years, a dog named Capone spent in a shelter.Many animals, caught in the shelter with him, managed to attach.However, these were young and small dogs, which weren’t so difficult to adopt.

A few years ago, he found the owners, but he didn’t stay there for more than a year and he was again returned to the shelter. Capone didn’t like the pet of one guest and decided to fight with him.So the owners couldn’t forgive this and returned him to the cold shelter walls.

The dog suffered a lot and the shelter staff had to make a lot of efforts that he could eat at least a little. The dog was very ill, he refused to communicate with anyone, however, over time, trust in the shelter staff returned.

The shelter staff tried to find him a home for a very long time. His pictures were regularly posted on social networks and, in the end, their efforts paid off.

The desperate dog was adopted by the couple. When they arrived at the shelter to pick him up, they had already prepared a medallion with her name on it.

The shelter staff was a little worried about whether Capote would be able to adapt to the new conditions, but from the first meeting it was clear that the dog accepted his new owners with great joy.

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