The tender moment when a pregnant pit bull didn’t stop hugging the couple, who rescued her

Once, in one of the streets of Mexico, Carly and Jackie saw a pit bull, lying on a pathway.

The poor doggy was heavily pregnant.

Her name was Poppy, who at first got frightened from the humans, but when Carly got closer and closer, she started to lean into her.

Carly petted her and told nice words, and that she was in safe hands with them.

The couple immediately took her to the vet clinic, where the doctor held the dog for 2 days to be examined.

The couple regularly visited her, and when the day they came to take her home with them a pleasant and touching thing happened.

On their ride to home, Poppy hugged Jackie, while he was driving to home.

The grateful dog did not stop hugging her rescuer the entire road, keeping a wide smile on her face, as if she was the luckiest and happiest to have them.

The touching moment was so adorable!

That day Poppy gave birth to nine sweet pups, with the help of the couple.

Poppy was an awesome mom! She was so devoted to her pups, cuddling and hugging her sweeties all day long.

Jackie and Carly were so excited having that big pit family.

However, time passed, and the pups grew up.

Now, they need new kind families to live with.

The story of Poppy was shared by the Dodo, which has been viewed over 18 million times!

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