The unfortunate horse fell into a hopeless trap, but the owner selflessly fought for her life

Marek Solodkowski who lives in Poland, has been breeding horses for ten years. But even for such an experienced breeder as our hero, an event could occur that almost ended in tragedy.

In the shed, Marek encountered a scene that shocked him. One of his favorite horses named Svoboda fell into a deep hole in which cars were serviced and could not get out.

Marek quickly considered a plan of action and very soon he came up with something.

The man threw hay into the pit, hoping that it would help him get out of the trap, but unfortunately this did not help.

Realizing that he alone and only on his own could not cope, he turned to the fire department. All neighbors also joined the rescue operation. But even so many people could not help the poor animal. A few hours later, Freedom was exhausted.

During all this time the owner tried to cheer up his beloved horse as far as possible and assured him that everything would be fine. People were already desperate, but suddenly the exhausted animal had the courage and stood up. With extreme effort, but still managed to pull out her front hooves.

Then the collected rushed to help with fresh strength and the horse managed to get out of the trap.

This case is proof of how important love, care and the ability to help in difficult times from a person is for our smaller brothers.

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