The woman refuses to change seats so the mother can sit with her children, and then this happens

A recent event on a flight has sparked a discussion on the internet.

TikTok user Tammy Nelson shared her story when a mother asked her to give up her window seat for her two children.

Nelson’s TikTok post, which raised the question “What would you do?”, has been viewed more than 2.7 million times.

“The moment I got on the plane, a woman was sitting in my seat, and when I pointed it out to her, she said, ‘Oh, do you want to sit here?’” Nelson explained.

“I thought we could swap seats because these are my kids’ seats (pointing to the two seats next to mine).”

Nelson was willing to change seats, but only if there was another window seat available. Mother, on the other hand, preferred Nelson to take center stage.

“He pointed to the row behind us and said, ‘My seat is over there’ (and it was the middle seat),” Nelson noted in his article.

Nelson also added some details about the event, saying he “desperately needed sleep” on the flight due to a sleepless night the night before and a presentation in front of 500 people.

Nelson also observed that the mother’s two children, apparently ages 11 and 15, were within arm’s reach of their mother sitting in the middle seat in the back row.

Despite this, the mother “continued to moan to the person next to her for at least 15 minutes, loud enough for me to hear.

But the woman defended me many times. She was very kind and I really appreciated it because I felt really bad.”

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