The woman took a calf from the livestock farm and placed it with the horses; now, the calf considers itself a horse and behaves like one.

Fate didn’t favor Eston the calf when he was born on a small farm. However, Sabina Rua noticed him and decided to rescue the animal from the farmers by purchasing him and bringing him to her own farm, where Eston began to grow up in the company of horses.

Over time, he started considering himself a full-fledged horse, overcoming obstacles, being ridden, and even walking sideways.

Sabina bought Eston when he was just three months old. She started raising him alongside her pony. Gradually, the trainer noticed that the calf behaved just like a horse — he galloped, understood commands, and responded excellently to his owner’s voice.

As time passed, the bull weighed over three tons, but it didn’t affect his behavior. Eston happily accepted being ridden, cleared obstacles, and viewed training as a joyful game.

Sabina realized that there was an opportunity here. She started purposefully training the bull and brought him to a level where he could compete in competitions.

Eston continues to perform to this day. It seems he fully believes himself to be a horse and excels in training and performances.

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