The woman who saved the baby elephant now lives with him and takes care of him as a house pet

Some people find their life interesting by adopting unusual pets – animals that are not intended to live in houses.

Roxy Danckwerts has an unusual pet – an elephant calf that is 14 months old now.

While we think it’s quite strange or weird, she does what her heart says to do. This kind woman has been taking care of orphan wild animals already for 20 years.

She doesn’t care it’s a big cat or a little bird – her aim is to help all of them recover and return back to the wild or sanctuaries.

Obviously, no other animal could go into her loving heart except for the elephant she rescued.

Cute Moyo was a couple of days old when she was found. The calf was in a very hopeless condition and there was almost no chance for her to survive.

Thanks to Roxy’s caring and kindness, the elephant could pass through the struggle for its life.

Now the elephant was transferred into Roxy’s sanctuary and lives absolutely different life. Moyo is healthy and in good shape. She follows her human mother everywhere possible. And the same for Roxy, she is fond of the calf!

As the woman explains, the elephant knows her smell, voice. She has no idea how Moyo finds her every time and gives share love and loyalty!

Maybe Moyo tries to express her gratefulness towards the rescuer! Anyway, she is a very adorable elephant calf!

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