They just drank spring water with semi-precious stones …

Cats are amazing creatures, they see what we do not see.

To grow a cedar forest, she soaked nuts in spring water with semi-precious stones.

I was very surprised when my kitties Kisya and Mura, saved from death, drank this water, and miraculous transformations began!

Kisi had brown plaque on his teeth. The doctor said that you can’t take it off.the cat can remain without teeth. After 2 days, Kisi’s teeth became white and shiny.

I was very worried that Kisya weighs only 6 kg.This isn’t enough for a Siberian cat (although she ate when she wanted). She has a huge scar on her tummy from a caesarean section. The doctor said that Kisya was aged and could not give birth herself for the last time. She had everything removed. What was my surprise when the kitty gained 1 kg of weight and started asking for a cat.

Moore has also changed. A fountain of 2 liters, and cats drank all the water …

I planted pine nuts in the park with a dream that squirrels would have as many nuts as they want. It is very pleasant to come to the park and see cedar seedlings. The squirrels have already changed their coats, but that will be a completely different story!

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