This pit bull was taken home from a shelter, but he thought he was a cat and the cats living in the house took care to

No one can accurately and categorically answer the question of who is in charge in the house. Moreover, the answers are different and sometimes completely unexpected. But now, the sisters Bethany and Samantha living in the USA know him for sure and the answer will surprise you.

Two sisters adopted two cats, however, then they decided to take the dog home too.So they adopted the shelter pit bull Mako. But it became clear that the cats weren’t going to delegate rights to the newly-minted guest, but obviously they weren’t going to make a fuss either.

They adopted a very cunning stance and Samantha and Bethany soon began to notice that the pit bull began to adopt the habits and mannerisms of cats. Mako had a very kind and accommodating nature and therefore quickly fell under the influence.

At first, the girls tensed that conflicts could arise between the animals.However the cats began to dictate the terms of such a formidable breed as the pit bull.

Over time, Mako became just like a cat, he effortlessly jumped on the windowsill and then mastered even the refrigerator. He eats and sleeps with his mustachioed friends and the hostesses are simply delighted with such a touching friendship.

Moreover they clearly understood that the stereotype about the nature of pit bulls is nothing more than a stereotype.

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