«This test will require your full attention. Even many observant people couldn’t pass it within 10 seconds.»

Will you be able to solve it to prove that your skills are better?

If you want to try, you should first pay attention to the IQ test rules listed below to avoid making mistakes.

IQ Test Rules:

The first thing you need to do is find the hidden differences in the prepared images.

Secondly, you only need to find the points where three differences are located and immediately mark them with a circle.

Thirdly, you have a very limited time, only 10 seconds, to complete this IQ test.

Fourthly, you are prohibited from seeking help or asking for assistance from other people; it’s best to tackle this problem on your own.

If you do not follow these rules properly, you will be considered a loser.

It seems we have two twin images. They depict a tourist who has just arrived in Europe.

Apparently, the woman is carrying a large purple suitcase and holding a mobile phone in her hand. This woman looks great, and the European environment is full of hills, and the air seems very fresh.

Answers to the IQ Test:

Check your answers to the IQ test here.

Details that look different: female fingers, hat, sling bag

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