Tigress lost her cubs and was very sad, then the zoo workers put on striped suits on the piglets and brought them to her cage

This amazing story took place at a zoo in Thailand. The tigress of the zoo gave birth to cubs, but the babies were premature and could not be saved. The tigress fell into a severe depression.

She refused food and water, even stopped moving. The tigress simply was dying in front of the zoo workers.

At first, people wanted to bring other tiger cubs for her but could not find babies suitable for their age.

Then they decided on an experiment – they dressed up piglets in striped suits and put them in the cage.

It was the only hope for the zoo staff to take the animal out of depression. So everybody was nervous.

Fortunately, maternal instinct allowed the tigress to raise and feed piglets.

The piglets also felt great in the role of cubs of the tigress. They felt loved. The tigress kept on nursing the piglets until they were several months old.

In such an amazing way, the tigress was rescued and presented to the family of piglets.

Thanks to this genius idea, the tigress overcame her loss. For sure, she will have the chance to have babies once again and enjoy motherhood.

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