Twin elephant calves are the firstborns in the Sri Lanka orphanage in the last 80 years

Although it seldom happens that twin elephants are born, in the Sri Lanka orphanage lately two boy calves were born.

It’s wonderful news for wildlife protectors and also for the orphanage.

In the center, the last time elephant twins were born 80 years ago.

The hero mother of the calves is the 25-year-old Sarangi. She is a very attentive mom. Fortunately, the calves are healthy although they are smaller than the usual calves.

It’s a big celebration for elephant lovers, as the possibility of having twins is in elephants is 1%.

The mom is best at caring for her twin boys. She helps them to walk and eat themselves. The staff of the center is surprised by the attention of the mama elephant.

Sarangi first was pregnant with a male calf in 2009. It’s known that elephants can get pregnant at most 4 times during their lifetime.

Currently, there are 7,500 elephants living in Sri Lanka. Wildlife ambassadors are doing anything possible to keep these species safe and sound. We hope that the calves will have strong health and peaceful life at the center.

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